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Happy Thanksgiving

When I take a moment to sit back and think about all to wonderful Thanksgiving memories from my childhood, I still recall the sounds and the incredibly awsome smell of food coming from the kitchen. When I was younger, there were times when my Georgia Family would travel to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. It was a three hour a kid it was exciting until...we were half way through our journey. That's when the "Are we There Yet" and "How much longer" began. Oh the joy of getting to my Aunt and Uncle's house and seeing the family rush to greet us at the door. Not to mention being able to get OUT the the CAR. You see, I come from a LARGE family. So traveling to N.C. in one car (back in the day they truly made "family" size cars lol) with 2 small families packed in was a ride and a half. Sitting still, very still for three hours felt like eternity. It was all worth it to see my Aunt Willene, Uncle T.C. and my cousins smiling faces, with family members that we haven't seen in sometime pouring out the front door with hugs, hand shakes and kisses, not to mention entering into the house from the cold to feel the warmth of the house with the aroma of all the different foods being prepared. Hearing the sound of voices catching up and reminiceing on things, the clattering of the table being set and the much anticipated call of "Dinner's ready!! Everyone gather at the table for Grace." Generations rush to the table for a feast. To see my Mom, Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles all in the same room is priceless now for most of these faces and their beautiful voices are no longer with us. I am always Thankful for the Memories my family gave to me as I grew up. Now that I have my own family I try to keep the Family unit and traditions going. My mom, Sister, her boys and now my great neices and nephew will come visit with me and my Large family for Thanksgiving. Or We may go home and crowd in on my Mom and Sister, and GA Cousins at my Aunt Betty's house. No matter where we gateher, It's still home, no matter where we gather I still feel the Infinit bond of Love and Family.

In loving memory of: Grandma Robbie, Aunt Willene & Uncle T.C., Uncle Mac, Uncle Jr, Aunt Betty

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