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Top 3 Tips For Hosting Children Paries Indoors!

The Top 3 Tips For Hosting Children Parties Indoors!

Tip #1: Before your guests arrive; please be sure to put everything that you do not want broken away on a high counter or in a different room from where the party will be hosted.

Tip #2: Make sure you have plenty of bandaids and ice packs on hand.....LOL. It sounds way worse than what is really is. I have been hosting parties for my children at our home for over 13 years and believe me when I say that at least one child will need either a band aid or an ice pack before the party is over. Musical chairs and relay races seem to always cause a need for one or both of these first aid options.

Tip #3: Relax and Have Fun Too! The children are enjoying themselves and you should too. It's A Party!!!

Good luck!

~~Niki O.


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